Vba powerpoint screenupdating

In fact, my business partner (Kevin Jones, aka zorvek) and I are creating some developer tools which make this really easy to do (mapped to a keyboard shortcut). Namespace The Namespace method is really handy when working with zip files.

It's not well known because 1) it's external to vanilla Excel, and 2) there's not much documentation on it.

I put the "x"'s in before I ran the command so I could see what was pasted over and where.

Print RPAD(CStr(ga Str Files And Last Modified(1, ls Lngi)), 30) & ga Str Files And Last Modified(2, ls Lngi) Next ls Lngi End Sub subdebug Book311/18/2010 PM 11/26/2010 AM 11/21/2010 PM this crazy software 11/24/2010 PM 5/12/2010 AM 5/12/2010 AM 5/12/2010 AM 4/28/2010 AM 4/28/2010 AM 4/28/2010 AM 5/12/2010 AM 8/25/2010 PM 11/26/2010 AM LPFinancial Market 11/17/2010 PM LPLife Insurance 11/17/2010 PM LPLife Insurance 11/17/2010 PM 11/17/2010 PM 11/17/2010 PM 11/24/2010 PMand here's what I get....?

I found this Tech Net discussion where the last post describes a method using . What I find odd is that Microsoft delete the VBA code when saving in one of the non-macro-enabled formats but don't delete the Custom UI part.

Keeping it in these file formats doesn't make sense!

I recommend you save in a new file, one which does not contain any custom UI. The other option is to programmatically remove the custom UI XML from the file, and that gets messy.

As a general rule, you shouldn't be trying to do what you're trying to do, and I do not recommend it at all. Yes, I realised about half an hour after I posted the question that the bit about VBA and custom UI part are not directly linked.

I've not seen the use of Property Get & Let outside of a class module either so that had me thinking too.

So if we're removing the custom UI using this zip method, does the rel reference need to be removed from the _rels folder too?

In my test file, I see 4 relationships, the first one being this: I interrupted your code at the end of Remove Custom UI sub and then zipped the contents manually to another xlsm file and Excel didn't complain when opening it but I'm wondering if this could cause an issue later.

I still get the the first position of the array in all my range.

Private Sub My Sim() Dim i As Integer Dim array Ultimate(2 To 11) As Double Application.

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