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After comments are considered and incorporated as the Expert Committee deems appropriate, the proposal may advance to official status or be republished in is not part of the official text and is not intended to be enforceable by regulatory authorities.Rather, it explains the basis of the Expert Committee's response to public comments.The listing identifies new items, replacement lots, lots of a single item that are simultaneously official, lots deleted from official status, and a preview of items eventually to be adopted.Purchase order information is included, and the names of distributors who can facilitate international availability of these items are suggested.The composition of the USP Convention membership is designed to ensure a global representation from all sectors of health care, with an emphasis on practitioners, given USP's practitioner heritage (see the section).

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On January 1, 1820, 11 physicians met in the Senate Chamber of the U. Capitol building to establish a pharmacopeia for the United States.

Both electronic formats provide access to official USP's governing, standards-setting, and advisory bodies include the USP Convention, the Board of Trustees, the Council of Experts and its Expert Committees, Expert Panels (formerly known as Advisory Panels), and staff.

Additional volunteer bodies include Stakeholder Forums, Project Teams, and Advisory Groups, which act in an advisory capacity to provide input to USP's governing, standards-setting, and management bodies.

They also adopt resolutions to guide USP's strategic direction and amend USP's Bylaws.

The 2010 meeting of the USP Convention occurred in April 2010 in Washington, DC.

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