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Rita then discovers she is pregnant with his child while Sue decides to never see him again.Rita later suffers a miscarriage and becomes suspicious Bob and Sue are still secretly seeing each other.Set in Bradford, the semi-autobiographical play was written by the late Andrea Dunbar when she was just 19 and made into a film in 1987.A mix of despair and black humour, the tale of two teenage schoolgirls sleeping with older men has chilling echoes of the abuse suffered by dozens of young girls in Rotherham and Oxford.

Gina Abolins, 29, a production assistant, told Out of Joint’s board in July that the director, who uses a wheelchair after suffering three strokes, said to her: ‘Back in the day, I’d have been up you like a rat up a drainpipe.’ She claimed Mr Stafford-Clark asked her to try on a bikini and encouraged her to have casual sex so she could tell him about it.Wrestling New York City Middle School Individual Championships Truman High School Bronx 5th grade through 8th grade Lions Wrestling Club Lions Club won the team championship.Mike Adams placed 3rd in the 70-pound division; Joe Leccese second place at 88 pounds; Mike Petruzzi was 1st at 128; John Rivera took second at 144; Joe Pellegrino second at 175; and, Don Scafuri took...The Royal Court Theatre said in a statement: ‘The departure of Max Stafford-Clark from Out of Joint and the recent allegations in the media have coincided with the Royal Court’s response to the spotlight on our industry and the rigorous interrogation of our own practices.After the allegations surfaced, Mr Stafford-Clark’s spokesman apologised on behalf of the director and said his ‘disinhibited’ behaviour was a result of his strokes.

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