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Hipkins (for names of Musical Instruments), and Mr. 1 The ranks of our voluntary workers have meanwhile been filled up by Mr. A., Cloverlea, Bramley, Guildford, who has subedited G, and commenced work on R, the Rev. 1893- [All rights reserved.} Ctforb PRINTED AT THE CLARENDON TRESS b V HORACE HAETi I'KINIER 10 THK UNIVERSITY PREFACE TO VOLUME II. of simple and obvious meaning (such as camp-boy, camp-fire, camp-language), which are practically unlimited in number, and of which several thousands are recorded and illustrated by quotations, but without individual explanations, under the Main words. Of the following 1308 (or deducting CH, 1137) pages, no fewer than 576 are occupied by Co-, upwards of 400 of which are due to these Latin prefixes. But there is a third circumstance of greater potency than any of those already mentioned ; this is, the vast number of words of Latin origin or Latin composition with the prefixes Con- and Contra- (with their forms co-, col-, com-, cor-, and counter-), which have been adopted or formed in English. In doubtful cases, I have usually leant to treating such as senses of one word, so as not unnecessarily to increase the number of homographs ; but, in each case, attention is called to the possibility that senses so combined may really be in their origin distinct words. Of the amount of time devoted by these voluntary workers to the Dictionary, and their valued help in facilitating the final labours of the editorial staff in the Scriptorium, I speak with the highest appreciation and gratitude.

A., in some ecclesiastical and liturgical words, and of Mr. Acknowledgement has also to be made of the kindness of Professor J. Dixon, late of the Imperial University, T6ky6, Japan, now of the Washington University, St.

A., of Gosport, in the history of medical and pathological words, of Mr. E., in the history of architectural terms, of the Rev. Henry Bradley, who has since edited the letter E, and is now occupied with F.

In some earlier parts of the letter, especially in CE-, Cl-, I had the advantage of the collaboration of Mr.

A.,of Elgin Road, Addiscombe, Surrey (assisted by Mrs.

Hailstone, of 20 Woodland Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, Miss J.

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