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“Just continue cooperating and everything will be all right.” He pulled his hand from her crotch, sliding it around to her ass.“You must workout gringa; you have a nice tight ass.” Would this never end? “Relax your cheeks,” he ordered her, “or would you rather have my men spread them apart?His hands slid under her bra, pulling it up harshly, her tender breasts squeezed tight before the bra slipped free, her breasts now naked for all of the men to see.

We are Americans.” “You are going to have to explain to the General, Senora. They are always helping the Mexican soldiers research plans to attack our rebel communities. Her tanned legs perching high on a pair of platform sandals that added at least three inches to her height and made the muscles of her legs tighten nicely. “Mom, I’m scared,” Angela cried to her mother, the rebel sticking his rifle in her back, forcing her to walk over to the large truck blocking the road. Move over to the truck.” “Face the vehicle and lean against it, both of you. Like you Americans do on the cop shows,” teasing, the other rebels laughing. She had to call their bluff; they wouldn’t dare hurt American tourists.

He squeezed her lips with two fingers, moving down her slit, finally coming to rest between her legs, his large hand able to engulf her sex, one finger pushing between her lips, snuggling tightly between the flesh. Angela trembled, humiliated as she stood half naked before the men, her shorts and panties hanging between her legs, his thick fingers gripping her sex so tightly.

“Yes, please don’t take that from me,” she begged, afraid of being raped now. Even her mother was now bound and her face covered, thankful that she couldn’t witness the degrading experience they were putting her through.

They left early, hoping to get to the waterfall, a three-hour ride from the hotel, by ten. I could be there this weekend; will he keep them that long? “Shit,” Christy swearing as they saw nothing familiar. “It’ll be all right, I think it is just around the next bend,” she lied. Why did she listen to the stupid kid at the hotel and rent this jeep and drive out into the middle of nowhere? Spies are always trying to infiltrate them so they can raid the rebel communities. Let me do the talking,” letting the jeep slowly inch up to the blockade. ” Christy spoke slowly, hoping they did, her Spanish was limitedto gracias. She felt relief when he pulled away from her, relieved that he was finished.

“They are gone,” the concierge spoke into the telephone. They are driving a black jeep, top down, two beautiful gringa, mother and daughter. Yes, the Zapatista rebels will rid our land of them soon enough. It will probably take at least two weeks for anyone to find out when and where they went missing. Christy slammed on the brakes, the tires grabbing tightly, skidding in the sand, almost running off the road. ” Four black-clad Zapatista rebels were spread across the road ahead, a truck turned sideways, blocking passage. At least they could get directions, relief coming over her, not worrying about the rebels. She would tell the General, he would make sure that he was punished for molesting her. ” She trembled, but remembered the pistol in his holster.

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