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Instruct your players to weave in and out of the cones, changing directions each time they reach a cone.They can start with a basic cross over, switching hands when they reach each cone.Some of these drills will be things can work towards in the future and others you can do right now.Most of the drills above should help you with the important skills. Just keep in mind, that if you can teach your young players the following skills, then you should feel good that about what you accomplished and know that you're teaching your player the right things (that they need to be successful)!

We'll let you know when that's ready for you to download. The heavy ball causes them to heave the ball and/or shoot from the hip -- instead of using proper form.

Also, you can check out the Youth Basketball Coaching section of our site and our video with 50 Youth Basketball Drills and Games.

Here are a couple other resources we think are good: Coaching Basketball Successfully by Morgan Wooten - One of the best basketball coaching books ever written. Coaching Youth Basketball: A Baffled Parent's Guide - A great book for youth basketball coaches.

The shooter goes to the end of the rebounding line.

After a few minutes, stop the drill and put the ball on the other side for left hand lay ups. Be sure to show your players the correct form -- they should jump off the left leg when shooting a right hand lay up.

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